Kamer Telderslaan Utrecht

Prijs €770
Adres Telderslaan
Oppervlakte 13 m²
Postcode 3527KE
Beschikbaar op 01-12-2023
Stad Utrecht

I (32, german) am looking for a new flatmate (25+, non-smoker) starting from December 1st (or a week earlier if needed)About the apartment: 70m² (room 13m²) in Transwijk close to Winkelcentrum Nova (so everything for the basic needs is close by, and the city is just 10 min by bike) or 5 minutes by tram/bus.There is a balcony on the quiet and green side of the building, a living room, a guestroom/homeoffice and lots of storage space (also for bicycles) as well as 6 sinks in total!!! The total rent+everything else per person right now sums up to ~770€

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